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PLDT Home thru CoNeCT


“We are proud to be partners with PLDT.  They are industry leaders and have the trust of the Filipino people.”

  • Engr. Melvin C. Acosta, IECEP National Chairman & President


Developers across the country agree, partnering with PLDT Home will make you future-proof, equipped with PLDT’s products and services.


Our world is changing. The way we meet and communicate, the way we use technology and social media, the very way we live is different now.


Partnering with PLDT Home will help developers change with it and that’s why these engineering and architectural organizations throughout the Philippines have realized this in building the homes of the future. Because when building for the future, they need the best in communications and technology, something only PLDT Home thru CoNeCT can provide. They have partnered with PLDT Home to deliver the best possible Internet, telecommunications and cable services with the latest fiber-optic technologiesat affordable rates.



At Speedy Glass in Tucson, AZ, we know heat. We see hot and dry air wreak havoc to windows and windshields from Oracle to Rio Rico every day, the blazing sun and temperature shifts causing cracks and breaks – and we know how to fix it!

Our branch manager, Leo, has been in the business for over 40 years and today he leads our team of highly trained and certified technicians with over 60 years of experience combined in bringing you the best possible glass service at the best possible rate!

We’re located on the corner of Broadway and Kolb, right behind your favorite 7/11 convenience store in Tucson, AZ. We’ll take care of your every glass repair and installation need and help you out as soon as possible. We do chips, cracks, nicks and breaks, for any model, any time!

Give us a call now!


Learn In Your Sleep? The Secret Behind Subliminal mp3s


Within the community of online psychiatry, subliminal mp3s are all the rage, promising anything from increased positivity to the solution for erectile dysfunction and smoking. But just how effective are they?


Subliminal stimuli, or literally "below threshold", is a term covering a wide range of sensory input intended to subconsciously manipulate thoughts and behavior and to illicit specific emotional responses within its intended audience. Though this may sound sinister, it has historically been used since the 5th century B.C. and the vast majority of us are exposed to it on a daily basis via marketing, advertisement and rhetoric. Speech patterns of many of our publicly elected officials are frequently designed to have an almost hypnotic subliminal effect to make us trust them and their campaign slogans.

Even horror films such as The Exorcist famously attempted to shock its viewers even subconsciously by inserting single frames of a ghostly face superimposed on scenes. Fight Club similarly had "blink and you'll miss it" glimpses of Tyler Durden scattered throughout prior to Brad Pitt's formal introduction.



Probably the professional area I've had most experience in has been copywriting - writing for commercials, corporate videos, events, advertisement and websites.

Each form presents different challenges, necessitating different formats and styles of writing. Check out my work below.

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